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Date Section Type Description
05/05/2022 OB - Trustee of Charitable Trust OB - Trustee of Charitable Trust James Wood Bequest for a Nurse
05/05/2022     James Wood Bequest for the Poor (Blackridge & Torphichen)
05/05/2022 Robert Turner of Armadale (Charitable Trust)
05/05/2022     Quarter Farm Mortification for Benefit of Poor
24/05/2022 Outside Body Appointment Council Appointment St John's Hospital Stakeholder Group
24/05/2022     Convention of Scottish Local Authorities
24/05/2022 City Deal Joint Committee
24/05/2022     Community Safety Board
24/05/2022 Head Teacher Appointment Panel
07/06/2022     West Lothian Leader Local Action Group (appointment ceased on 27 Spet 2022)

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