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This page shows you Angela Doran-Timson declared interests.

Date Section Type Description
05/05/2022 OB - Trustee of Charitable Trust OB - Trustee of Charitable Trust Quarter Farm Mortification for Benefit of Poor
05/05/2022     Mrs Christina Muir Trust for Poor
05/05/2022 Outside Body Appointment Council Appointment Norman M Henderson Bequest for Poor
24/05/2022     Broxburn Town Centre Management Group
24/05/2022 Community Safety Board
24/05/2022     Community Planning Partnership Board
24/05/2022 West Lothian Trust For The Benefit of People With Disabilities
07/06/2022     Open Door Accommodation Project Management Committee
24/06/2022 Register of Interests 2022 Remuneration Employed - StartScotland/Redcap Employment, Work Coach
24/06/2022     Other - Income from rental of property in West Lothian

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