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This page shows you Diane Calder declared interests.

Date Section Type Description
04/05/2017 OB - Trustee of Charitable Trust OB - Trustee of Charitable Trust Mrs Christina Muir Trust for Poor
04/05/2017     Norman M Henderson Bequest for Poor
04/05/2017 Quarter Farm Morification for Benefit of Poor
07/06/2017 Outside Body Appointment Council Appointment Broxburn Town Centre Management Group
08/05/2012 Register of Interests 2012 Non-Financial Interests SNP Member - Local Group, Vice Convenor Uphall/Broxburn - Updated 22/06/2015
21/06/2017 Register of Interests 2017 Election Expenses Scottish National Party - 722.05. Created 21/6/17
21/06/2017 Housing, Land and Buildings Owner of a property in the West Lothian Council area. Created 21/6/17
21/06/2017   Non-financial interests Member of the Scottish National Party. Created 21/6/17
21/06/2017 Vice Chair of Scottish National Party local branch. Created 21/6/17
12/07/2018     Community Represntative on Winchburgh Albion Football Club Committee. Created 27/7/18

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