Development Management Committee Agenda - 14 December 2022, 10:00 Help

A meeting to be held at Council Chambers, West Lothian Civic Centre, Livingston at 10:00 on 14 December 2022.

For further information pleaser contact Val Johnston,Tel No.01506 281604 or email

Number Item
Public Session 
1Apologies for Absence View Papers
2Declarations of Interest - Members must declare any interests they have in the items of business for consideration at the meeting, identifying the relevant agenda items and the nature of their interests. View Papers
3Order of Business, including notice of urgent business, declarations of interest in any urgent business and consideration of reports for information.

The Chair will invite members to identify any such reports they wish to have fully considered, which failing they will be taken as read and their recommendations approved. View Papers
4Confirm Draft Minutes of Meeting of Development Management Committee held on Wednesday 16 November 2022 (herewith) View Papers
Public Items for Decision 
5Application No.0934/H/22 - Erection of front boundary railings with vehicular and pedestrian access, Williamscraig House, Linlithgow (herewith) View Papers
6Application No.0972/A/22 - Display of 1 illuminated and 2 non-illuminated wall mounted signs (in retrospect), 67a Whitburn Road, Bathgate (herewith) View Papers
7Application No.0604/FUL/22 - Erection of a 298sqm restaurant/bar & cafe/ hot food takeaway (class 3 and sui generis) with balcony terrace, staircase and extension to car park, land at Bankton Centre, Muirieston, Livingston (herewith) View Papers
Public Items for Information 
8Consider list of delegated decisions on planning applications and enforcement actions for the period 11 November to 2 December 2022 (herewith). View Papers
9Appeals :- View Papers
(a)Application 0202/LBC/22: Listed Building Consent for the installation of roof mounted solar panels at 5 Bridge Castle House, Westfield
(b)Application 0216/A/22: The display of 2 illuminated fascia signs and 1 illuminated free standing pylon sign at 21 Inchmuir Road, Blackburn, Bathgate
(c)Application 0226/A/22: Advertisement consent for the display of replacement fascia sign, installation of replacement illuminated and non-illuminated signs at Black Bitch Tavern, 14 West Port, Linlithgow
(d)Application 0227/LBC/22: Listed Building Consent for the display of replacement fascia sign, installation of replacement illuminated and non-illuminated Signs at Black Bitch Tavern, 14 West Port, Linlithgow
(e)Application 0244/FUL/22: Erection of a house with associated works at Dechmont House, Woodlands Park, Deans, Livingston
(f)Application 0151/P/22: Planning permission in principle for a mixed-use development for business (Class 4), industrial (Class 5) and storage & distribution (Class 6) with associated engineering, landscaping and drainage works at land to north and south Of A705, Cousland Farm, Livingston
(g)Application 0470/FUL/22: Change of use from open space to private garden ground and erection of decking across watercourse (in retrospect) at 15 Ballencrieff Mill, Bathgate
(h)Application 0854/A/22: Display Of 6 illuminated and non-illuminated signs and floodlights (in retrospect) at The Old Market Inn, 28 West Main Street, Whitburn